The Best Replaceable Blade Hunting Knife Yet: Camillus TigerSharp Folder - Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)

I are in a position for you to see my TigerSharp riding in my backpack for the extended time in order to come.

For all huntersand for that backcountry hunterespeciallya fantastic knife is a very important little bit of gear. You could find several huge positive aspects for you to utilizing replaceable blade knives. some blades are incredibly deep from your edge towards the spine, that makesit a lot more challengingto slideunder the particular skin. The Actual Camillus TigerSharp folding knife may be totally below your radar pertaining to meuntil now. The smaller knife is more precise, and furthermore the Rigersharp is simply correct having a 2.5-inchblade in which weighs simply as much as virtually any run-of-the-mill folding knife.

Blades are thin and can break

Scalpel blades have an inclination to dull quickly

Replacing blades safely needs carrying pliers (thiscan become done using a pocket knife, nevertheless you're much much more likely to chop yourself)


At $52, its right in the price selection of some other replaceable blade folders, plus a good buy.. for situations exactly where you've a new sharpening stone, they'll last even longer. Heres a new breakdown associated with how it fits my criteria:

Size and weight

The times of your Jim Bowie best trail cam hunting knife are dead along with gone. Anyone dont want virtually any toolsand dont have to end up being able to risk slicing off your fingerwhen replacing blades.


Mountain hunting is exactly about wringing your maximumutilityfroma finite amount of gear. the general profile with the blade is fantastic as well. You can easily find piles associated with knives out there, and many of these are generally entirely adequate, or even great. Nevertheless as using anything, theres usually space regarding improvement. Its everything I'vebeen trying in order to find in the hunting knifefor a serious while. Primarily, they will dont call for you to become able to definitely hold any sharpening stone, and they will are very handy pertaining to caping and skinning around horns, etc. for the past couple of yearsIve employed your Havalon, which usually utilizes scalpel blades. Blades

The replacement blades are usually thicker,very sharp, as well as titanium-bonded pertaining to hardness, so they maintain an edge much better than the particular scalpel bladesand wont break nearly as easy. This kind of knife will be well produced as well as great for every little thing via utility use for you to area dressing, including your precise caping function like skinning about sheep horns.

I lately acquired a new knife, however, which eliminates these complaints with out sacrificing the advantages of the actual Havalon. Serrated blades will in addition be accessible as well.

I actually dont get really excited about gear which often, as well as Ive handled pilesof knives,but this is 1 blade thatIve been lacking out on. As soon As throughout place, your blade can be retained with a threaded bezel (that wont entirely unscrew and get lost), which in turn also doubles since the thumb stud. While a new mountain hunter, Im usually trying for you to find approaches to pare down mygear while improving efficiency.And knives are certainly not any exception.

If youve study a few associated with the critiques I've done, you knowIm a huge fan involving replaceable blade knivesfor area skinning, caping, along with dressing. Throughout the actual past, I would deliver a replaceable blade knife anda regular pocket knife regarding dailyuse. That They tend to be great, however get numerous drawbacks:

Blade replacement

The sharp blades slide in for you to the contouredsleeve-style retainer, yet unlike a few some other knives, they slide via the the majority of notable and into place, permitting any fat, meat, as well as locks being pushed free regarding charge and never gum something up

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